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Preschool Options

Riverside Elementary houses two different preschool options in the building:
  • Thrive by 5

ECEAP - Children are accepted into ECEAP based on their age and family income.  

The ECEAP program also offers parent education and family support.

Please contact Lynn Schluter, or 464-8270, to find out if your child is eligible to enroll and for more details.  

Thrive by 5 does not have any income requirements and is open to 3 - 5 year old children preparing for kindergarten.  Children must be potty-trained.  There is a high demand for this program and space is limited.  

Two (2) and three (3) hour sessions are available for scheduling preferences.  The three hour session is to prepare 4 year-old children for kindergarten readiness.  

The cost per session is:

2 hour session, $5 

3 hour session, $7.50 

To register, contact Karen Taisey, Independent Scholar secretary, 464-8478.  

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